Thursday, August 5, 2010

Loads of Lycra

I often wonder what a stranger would think if they saw the amount of lycra hanging on our washing line - and most of it is for men!

The pile of lycra that seems to be a permanent fixture on our laundry floor often astounds me but I suppose when so much training is going on it means lots of stinky sweaty clothes.

What I still haven't quite worked out is what the perfect wash cycle is to get rid of the smell and the stains and keep the whites bright!

What I do know about washing lycra is:

1. Wash with gentle detergent.
2. Don't wash too hot or may shrink to baby size.
3. Don't put in anything with velcro - disaster for lycra!
4. Check pockets carefully as either broken bags of GU may give you a sticky wash or your iPod may be forgotten  - our shuffle lasted about one use!

I would call myself an eco-friendly washer as I always use the washing liquids and powders  from my friends range - Solution Living.  Her Lavender Liquid Wash and Eucalyptus Wool Wash  is gentle and the smell seems to over power most of the sweaty odours. There is even an eco-friendly whitener !

HOWEVER I have to admit when it comes to giving the whites a good boost I still can't get past an occasional soak in Napisan and maybe a bit of warm water.... but still the whites are never as bright as when they are new and bike chain grease is tricky!

Any tips would be much appreciated.

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