Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Weighty Issue

I bought a great little gadget this week - and very cheap compared to most gadgets in our house! It's a bag weigher....

This is not so I can cram as many clothes as possible into our suitcases (or to take with us so I can keep track of all the things I can buy while away) but to make sure our bags are not over weight and we don't get slammed with a huge excess baggage bill - like we did going to China Ironman earlier this year!

Big lesson to be learned from China trip was to ALWAYS check and double check with travel agent and airline about their polices on baggage allowance, excess and oversized items like bikes! Seems all airlines handle this slightly differently...

We are flying Hawaiian Airlines and they charge for an oversized item but then it has it's own weight allowance and does not need to be considered when packing our bags - and their bag allowance per person is huge! On the other hand, I know when we went to NZ the weight of bike in box was part of our baggage allowances with QANTAS  - which works alright if you have kids but tips you over if there is just one or two of you. Result is bags being filled with all the tri kit and gadgets and very little of anything else - who needs extra undies or high heels or toiletries?!?

This is the frustrating thing travelling with a triathlete - there is so much kit to be considered with it's own list required, that competitor concentrates on this and the other half (ie; wife/me) thinks about the rest!

My lists are currently out of control, as is our bedroom floor that has last years summer clothes spread across it for contemplation. A holiday in Hawaii does require some thought re.clothes, kids and r & r  - not just the race!

Back to packing and weighing bags. Best to weigh at home so you don't have to juggle between bags in check out or pay a huge excess. Make sure competitor has list to go by for all the race essentials - and suggest you double check them as all you all need is a melt down about forgotten items when on the other side of the country or world! I have put together a support list for cheer squad items and supporter gear you may need on the day.

Today is our packing day - I am almost done but IM just starting! Below are a few useful things I mustn't forget when travelling OS and a few tips when packing competitors bag - will help me today also :-)

Don't forget:
Documents relating to all bookings.
Web addresses and passwords to access email,etc
Electricity converter for country you are visiting
All charger cords for all the gadgets.
Bike :-)
Kids :-)

Remember when packing Tri Gear:
Don't overpack bike bag.
Put all gels, powder and creams in sealed plastic bags.
You can buy some things over there!!

Have a few funny stories to tell about travelling with bikes and kids but that's another post one day - would love to hear your stories or tips too.

Must sign out - and get packing!

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Sus said...

This is the part I think will be a challenge...first leg of our journey to Perth WA has great baggage allowance but the bad news is your allowance goes with the longest leg. Just so happens that airline's allowance is 10kg less, boo! Will be weighing, weighing and weighing again to avoid paying too much. Bike box is a tricky one too as it's not very light. Ah well, it's all about living the IM dream :-)