Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ironman on the agenda again!

I realised today that it's the 9th of November - exactly a month since we were standing on Ali'i Drive experiencing out first Hawaii Ironman! I also realised that I have not written a blog post since this experience - although keeping up my tweets :-)

The day was quite overwhelming and exhausting for not only the competitors but also the supporters. I was literally triathloned out! We took a week of R&R still in Hawaii and then returned home for some more time off work and easing back into routine. We took a break from living the triathlon lifestyle :-)

We have a lot of memories and I have a lot to write about Kona and our experiences which will fill a few pages on my new website - promise it will be soon!

My Ironman has been on a interesting journey post-Hawaii. It has been like this:

  • Day of race, exhausted back in condo, IM exclaims "Mission Complete. I am content. No more Ironman for me" My response (as after every other IM he has raced)  "Talk to me tomorrow!"
  • Week after lying around Hawaii Resort which gave us time to contemplate our experience and the race, questions arise - "What do I do next? What goal can I have now?"
  • Back home in Australia amongst family and friends who want detailed account of race and experiences, excitement builds again. Suddenly Ironman website is being perused again and discussions being had with friends on what races they are planning next. 
  • Still on holidays, long discussions are being had with other IM friends including ones who were in Hawaii and they are trying to get answers on when training will begin again and what for - like me they don't believe the new talk from IM "I may do it again one day (I knew that ) but I need a break from the full on training for a while..."
  • Back into busy corporate job dealing with back-up of 1000plus emails, Ironman now regularly running and riding and watching past IM races. Thoughts on a huge sea change results in realising that if we did not have the busy lives we do we would not have the money to spend on all the tri accessories or to go on holidays overseas to IM events. 
So, we arrive at tonight -   it is official, my IM is back on the Ironman bandwagon! This time, trying to convince me that Cozumel is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway for my 40th birthday next year - fact that the Ironman is on same time is just by coincidence!

None of this surprises me! When I first started this blog and wrote My Story I wrote that once someone starts racing Ironman, they tend to get addicted. I have accepted that triathlon will always be in our lives.

So, we decide on the next race which is hopefully at a new and exciting destination (not yet convinced on Cozumel), save the money, fit the training schedules into the daily routine and hope that the next Ironman experience we have will be as amazing as the last!

Anyone else relate to this? What race are you next heading off to in support of your Ironman?

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