Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ironman China here we come!

Just on a month left until the 3rd Ironman China is raced and we will be there!

I am getting quite excited now(and hence I have started this blog to get myself more involved in the whole process again and tell a few tales of our travels...)

It has been an ongoing discussion in our household for a number of months now. The Polar watch has been counting down the days, the flights were booked early and paid for, and we even managed to convince my parents to take on the two kids for over a week - quite an exhausting prospect for them. Aiming for the race in China would be nice change from the local races, a bit of adventure and holiday for us, and maybe a chance to grab that illusive Hawaii spot.

However, life has taken over a bit what with Xmas and school holidays and work...and the training has probably not been up to the standard hubby expects from himself - although from my perspective training has been ongoing and fairly consistent. The 4-6 hours disappearing act on a Saturday morning has not been a regular event of late, and of course couldn't happen while we were on holiday, but at least he could focus on his swim stroke everyday.

So discussions have been on a daily basis for a week or so, will we, won't we, and then - why not!?! Lets go and enjoy the adventure, give it a go and see what happens (and time without kids will be appreciated even though we will miss them!).

So now we are in Ironman mode. Good friend and triathlon coach has sent through the final months training schedule, parents have been told its all on, and I get to watch Ironman China 2009 with a glass of wine on a Friday night!

Few tears flowed watching our friend Charlotte Paul win the pro women's race last year (and I do wish she was going to be there this year), a few notes were taken, and bit of excitement (as well as nerves) can be felt in our house tonight. Better start that packing list....

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