Monday, February 22, 2010

20 days and counting...

The clock is ticking and training has ramped up in our household!

Now the diet is being questioned and there are special meal requests - this does not happen often.

Have also decided it's time to write a packing list. You would have thought by now we have a excel template  - and I am sure we have written them before but do you think I can find it anywhere?

China will require extra consideration but at least I don't have to worry about kids stuff this time! Bussellton (West Australia)  was our first experience of packing for a flight which was not easy with pram and baby stuff to consider, although only one child.

More recently, New Zealand, we had both children and had to pack for a beach holiday after - wish I had jotted down all those little things I thought I must remember next time!

Once I have compiled and then edited list I will publish as may be useful to others....and then when we return will note what I wish I hadn't forgotten!

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