Monday, March 1, 2010

Can't Sleep...

Woken by kids and high mind is racing about China! What am I worrying about since I don't have to race?

9 sleeps until we leave and I my thoughts are jumping between what has to be done for work and home before we go, schedules for kids while we are away, packing list to make sure we are all organised and there is no last minute panic and what will we do while we are there?

I did quite a  thorough Google search earlier tonight and was shocked by how little information there is to help us with our planning.

Ironman China website has all the race info and some basic travel details, sponsor hotel website has usual hotel stuff, TriTravel who we have booked with (great idea for travel company) really does not provide anything other than bookings and essential travel documents, not found as yet any good Hainan tourism information websites and all the blogs found are focused on the race!

Makes me even more determined to provide a thorough report on this trip and my experiences as a supporter so I can help others who go through the same next year and beyond!

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