Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home with ticket to Kona in our hands!

What an experience!

A week has past and thanks to the China government I was unable to post any blogs so apologies to those who kept on checking in. (Something to remember if visiting - blogs, chat sites, facebook etc, censored in China!)

Have so much to tell so will post a few blogs and photos over the next week, and will create a page filled with all the useful information I have acquired on the trip for anyone who plans on traveling to the China race next year.

But what I really wanted to shout out in this short post is "WE ARE GOING TO KONA!!!"
Those were the exact words I screamed at the top of my lungs amongst an amazed and smiling group of Chinese as I watched my dazed but determined husband run down the finish chute and under the arch, grabbing the banner high into the air!!

He did not quite realise his goal had been achieved but his coach, family and friends who had kept an eye on the stats throughout the day were already jumping for joy and downing a beer (as he lay in the medic tent with IV and ice packs all over him - more on that in another post)!

He had pushed himself physically and mentally more than ever before in one of the toughest Ironman races. (The Pros were saying that with the heat and wind on the day it was Hawaii on a bad year!) Despite a few set backs before the race, he pushed through with only positive thoughts and the belief he had it in himself.

I am one proud - but exhausted - Ironman Wife!

Will sign off so we can recover from trip and come out of the daze and disbelief but will be back soon with many stories to tell.

A favourite quote of mine to consider (one I have heard around the tri traps) which I know was going through my Ironman champions head last Sunday:


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