Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Look...One Year On

It's been almost exactly a year since my last post - where does the time go?!

So what happened you may ask?

Life took over I am afraid. Lots has been happening, and this blog and my writing got forgotten amongst all the things life has thrown our way.

I remain an Ironman wife. I am now a marathoner. I have taken on more work as a PR consultant. Kids are both settled into primary school. Ironman still works a busy corporate job - and yes he continues to race Ironman Triathlons.

In fact, we have  had a very exciting year of Ironman and I am proud to say I have had the chance to announce "We are going to Kona!" once again. (another post about this soon)

So I am back on my blog, keen to write again especially in the lead up to another Hawaii Ironman experience.

I have been doing some housekeeping, giving it a fresh new look and linking through to my TriCrew website (which I continue to fill with content when I can) and my TriCrew T-shirt Shop. My new "Eat The Pain" t-shirts were a sell out for Ironman Melbourne - watch out for more to come.

In the last year I have become quite addicted to Twitter and Instagram. I have added a Instagram feed to this blog and on my TriTitbits Twitter I am regularly sharing news, ideas and tips related to triathlon and life in general. I am particularly active on it when we are at a race - so say hi if you are a twitterer too. We could even create a Ironman wife meet when we are next all at the same race! I also have a Facebook page - so say hi whatever way takes your fancy!

Thank you to my blog followers for staying connected despite my silence.

If you want to hear from me regualry, you can subscribe by email from my home page to this blog, or alternatively you can subscribe to my website if you want a mix of tri supporter info - and I plan next to start a monthly newsletter so watch this space!

In celebration of the re-launch of my blog I am offering all my readers free shipping (Australia only) on my TriCrew t-shirts. Use the code NEWLOOK in the discount code box when ordering. This is on top of my winter special -  all kids t-shirts $20 each and  mini (baby) ones $10- $12 each! (sale ends August 31st)

Until next time (promise not to make it a year) - stay healthy and happy - Lisa xx

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triathlete's wife said...

I really enjoy your blog! My husband is training for his first Ironman and I've recently started chronicling that journey. I hope you will visit ( I'll be checking yours frequently!