Sunday, July 29, 2012

Loads of Lycra

So the reality of living with a an Ironman triathlete is washing lycra. It's never-ending - especially in winter!

Our living room is looking like a chinese laundry - thank goodness for the recent sunny days in Sydney!

I tried to count the number of pieces over the weekend...long rides in layers because of the wind chill, then an indoor ride in which I saw at least two change of sweat dripping tops, on to two long runs, again in least 20 pieces over one weekend!

Add onto that my run and sometimes our son, and it adds up to loads of lycra! (before even starting the usual household loads)

So what is the best way to wash lycra?

The labels and the sales assistances tell me what I already know - cold wash, gentle wash, no clothes dryer, no ironing (I don't iron anything anyway!)

After so many years of washing lycra I have discovered a few things:

i.   Don't wash the gloves and hats that have velcro fastenings - they attach to the lycra and create pulls that can be fixed.
ii.  Don't forget to check pockets for goo packets - just spreads extra sticky stuff throughout the wash.
iii. Wash it as soon as you can as that smell can get real nasty after a few days. My trick is a few drops of lavender (what's yours?)
iv. Don't use fabric softener (I am not one to anyway) as apparently it can wreck havoc with all the super techy fabric.

If you start to read the websites who sell all the gear, you could be reading for hours and be overwhelmed - and who in the end has time to separate different types of lycra and spandex fabrics and wash accordingly!?!

Asos do have some pretty strict guidelines - I guess they need to justify the money spent on the gear. They even have their own "Active Wear Cleanser". Have to admit the few pieces we have just get thrown in with the rest.

Nike have detailed care instructions for Dri-FIT Technology but could not see anything on 2XU about washing their range...

There is one washing lycra dilemma I have not managed to resolve - the oily cream/vaseline leftovers in the bike pant chamois. Have to say that over time I am reluctant to even touch the chamois post-wash  - and cold water just doesn't get the job done! Any suggestions/solutions?

Would love to hear your tips and tricks on dealing with loads of lycra.

Lisa xx

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Lisa McLean said...

Thanks to my Twitter friend Kristy (fellow Ironman wife) for her suggestion to use delicates/bra bags when washing lycra which protects them from being stretched around each other - and from the odd velcro that gets thrown in too I expect! Hadn't thought of it - great tip. Thanks Kristy!