Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Memories...

Had to send out a quick post to say how excited we are about watching the Aussie women compete in the triathlon at the Olympics very soon.

Apart form the fact we love watching triathlon, we also have some of the best women triathletes in the world, so let's hope for a podium at least - and lets be truthful we are all hoping for gold!

Tonight also brings back wonderful memories for my husband and I who were in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics and were totally overwhelmed by the atmospehere in the city when the triathlon made it's debut as an Olympic sport. We spent two days out on the city roads.  It was our first experience as  triathlon supporters. The result for us was the beginning of my husbands triathlon dreaming....

So who will it be out of the three Aussie girls? Densham, Jackson or Moffa? A trifecta?!

Wishing them all the best. We will be watching and cheering on from the lounge room. No matter what the outcome, it really is just amazing to represent your country so enjoy the experience and give it all you have got. Eat the pain girls!!

Below are images I took of the Aussie girls during the Sydney ITU race earlier this year.

Whose your bet  on for Gold?

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