Friday, September 7, 2012

When sickness hits....

This has probably been the worst winter of sickness I every remember experiencing and it's almost too boring to write about.

Apparently I am not the only one however. It seems everyone around us has stories to tell and many of those effected have not been able to shake it - like me. I am in week nine still with symptoms, kids have been on and off with it all winter, but what amazed me is that Ironman kept it all at bay all winter.....until this week.

Prior to this week, I had the perfect post planned to tell you all that I think Ironman in training managed to avoid the nasties due to a few key things that he has changed in regards to his health and eating habits. And although I have decided it's not appropriate to write about now, I will eventually as I still think its worth noting.

Of course, four weeks out from the Hawaii Ironman is not a great time to get sick, but then again at least he has managed to have an unbroken winter of training which is pretty impressive.

If you live with someone on a heavy training schedule in the lead up to a race you will know how it can mean low immunity and susceptibility to getting sick if they are not careful, this then forces them to stop training, which they just can't cope with. So, they push through when still sick and get sicker, and so it goes on.....they just can't stop themselves from training and give their bodies a rest!

So this week as reality hit that he hasn't avoided the latest virus in the house, the mind games have been in full swing. The body is feeling weak and the rest of the family aren't much hasn't been pretty!

Today however, I feel that we are all coming out the other side. My fingers are crossed. Nobody wants their months of training and peak fitness to be knocked sideways just as the final weeks before a big race are looming.

For me, I am just dreaming of the sun, sea and sand, cocktails by the pool, a good book and a break from being the hope it will bring me back to good health. What race? Ha Ha !

Have you been struck with sickness this winter? Tips for a speedy recovery? I have tried so many things that aren't working....I have open ears for new ideas :-)

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