Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Hurdles Before The Destination....

Was thinking this week how strange human nature is when a single event or activity can mean so much to us that it literally takes over our lives on so many levels.

It's different for all of us and changes as our lives take on different directions.  It may relate to a family occasion, a sporting event, one of lifes' milestones, achieving a goal or just getting over a hurdle at work. Where ever you are at, it seems that that one thing starts to take over daily life - a wedding, a baby, a new job, a Grand Final.

In our lives at the moment, it's heading off to the Hawaii Ironman.

We are counting down the days (13). We are discussing it with family and friends. Travel arrangements need to be checked and locked in. Work load has increased and school holidays need to be managed. Kids scheduling needs to begin (in our case since kids aren't coming)  - and at the back of the mind the thought of what to pack sits hovering. A lot of lists need to be made!

Of course the actual event and all the hype surrounding it is the key topic of conversation. It's a big event with top athletes from around the world competing so there are articles to be read, social networking to be kept track of and my Ironman's excitement needs to be kept contained! It can get overwhelming!!

I'm not complaining (far from it), just illustrating how life can be taken over by the next destination on your calendar.

On the flip side, we all need something to work towards. We need to set goals, follow our passions, celebrate life's milestones and escape from routine. Human Nature thrives on this and in the Western World we can get so busy with daily living that we forget to look at the big picture, appreciate the world around us and step out of our comfort zone.

We need the goals,  the hurdles to jump, and the event to work towards  - otherwise life would be pretty boring. These challenges make our lives richer.

So, whether it's the last few weeks before a holiday, a wedding, having a baby, a Grand Final, achieving a goal, moving house or whatever it may be that has taken over your life - remind yourself that you set the goal, you have put the plans in place and once you have ticked all the boxes, you will eventually reach your goal and reap all the rewards! It's worth it.

What's keeping you busy? What's your next goal?

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