Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Hype Surrounding the Hawaii Ironman. Tips & Links to join the party online!

All big events around the world have hype surrounding it. We just experienced one of the most hyped sporting events on the planet - the Olympics.

Hype is defined in the Oxford dictionary as to "promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively". Hype is essential if an event is to be successful. (My mind is drifting to that rap "Don't believe the hype" by Pubic Enemy No.1 -  showing my age!)

Why I am I talking about hype?  Because I am declaring that one of the best 'hype' machines has to be Ironman triathlon!

We are heading off to the Ironman World Championships in two days. The race is on Saturday 13th October and the hype has truely begun.

My next declaration is this - I am addicted to hype! Well, hype that relates to something that I enjoy or am passionate about.

My husband is the one who is passionate about triathlon and Ironman, however we as a family have been swept up in it for a number of years. Although I am not a competitor, I love all that it represents and enjoy the experiences that surround it.

For those of you who don't know much about Ironman triathlon, you should know that this is the event that any long distant triathlete dreams of competing in. It is the pinnacle of Ironman every year. The best professional and amateur Ironman triathletes all converge on one small town called Kona in Hawaii and compete in the most gruelling of all the Ironmans. It is an international sporting event in so many ways.

The week before is filled with lead up activities. Every event and triathlete sponsor is represented. All the brands who want to capture the interest of people whose passion is health and fitness want to be seen and heard. Pro spotting is a popular pastime and everybody is strutting their stuff. It all adds up to a week of hype!

I have experienced the Hawaii Ironman first hand two years ago and now just the thought of returning to experience it again excites me.

The hype began weeks ago and now with social media being a big part of brands marketing mixes, I am feeling overwhelmed with options to get more hyped.

Triathletes and triathlon brands are big on Twitter, there are also a number of popular triathlon websites and triathlete bloggers, and of course Facebook is part of the mix too.

My Ironman is a regularly listener of IMTalk and we are loving the new Ali'i Drive Ironman You Tube Series of videos (so well done and serious hype generators!) Watch these and you will truly get a feel for what Ironman is all about.

If you want to get hyped like us, follow the race on the 13th or just want to understand more about the Ironman World Championships, here are my tips and links:

1. Watch the Ali'i Drive Video Series 

2. Visit the Official Ironman website and the official FaceBook Page

3. Listen to IMTalk and Competitor Radio

4. Join Twitter (if you are not addicted already!) and follow hashtags #IMKona, #IMWC, #IMHawaii and #Kona2012.

5. Follow on Twitter some of the professionals (top Aussies include @CrowieAlexander, @maccanow  and @Mirindacarfrae ), Ironman legends (@IronmanVoice,  @IronmanLIVEgreg@MarkAllenOnline@DaveScott6x) and triathlon focussed Twitterers like @IronmanTri , @firstoffthebike , @trinewsonly,  and @BeyondT2  (I could go on and on!)

6. On the day, visit IronmanLive to watch the race live (if you live in Australia you may be up in the early hours of Sunday!) and track your favourite athletes.

7. A great app for your iPhone if you are out and about is IronTrack.

7. Ironman website and radio is live all week - find out whats happening every day here.

Of course, you might also like to follow me via Twitter @trititbits and Facebook - and I will be updating this blog regularly throughout our Kona stay!

Love if you can tell others who may be interest in my post -  and add your own tips in comments if you have more!

Enjoy the hype!

Lisa xx

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