Thursday, February 28, 2013

IRONMAN CHALLENGE - DAY 2: Living with an Ironman

Things in a house where an Ironman lives which could drive you crazy...

  • LYCRA and in particular washing lycra. The stinky wet mounds seem to be never-ending.
  • GEL PACKS and POWDER - sticky and leaking, they are never fun to clean up.
  • WATER BOTTLES - where to store them and how to wash the mould out of them.
  • BIKES - where to store them and how many do you really need!
  • RUNNING SHOES - smelly, wet and how do you dispose of them every six months?
  • RACE TOWELS and T-SHIRTS - no more room and do we really need to keep every one for sentimental reasons!

And habits that could drive you even crazier....

  • Early alarm clocks most days - need I say more.
  • Flipside of above - afternoon kips or Ironman passed out on couch before kids are even in bed
  • Shaved legs - think my Ironman shaves more than me! 
  • Waivering waistlines - only so many times you can get suit pants taken in and back out again.
  • Watching race videos - after ten years of watching every Hawaii Ironman race over and over I am feeling quite the expert.
  • Pre-race routines - you just pray that nothing has been forgotten
  • Race planning - many nights of discussions are in vain if you don't have fast fingers when entries open, and it's back to the drawing board!
  • First words out of the mouth post-race 'NEVER AGAIN' - you know that it's the pain talking, then the pain subsides and you know you will be back again!

What could you add to my list?

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