Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Ironman Challenge

I'm back! I know it's been a while...I never got around to adding a Hawaii overview. I didn't post when over at Ironman WA. I haven't written about being a 'newbie' (yes, I am now swimming , biking and running!)  - but there is no joy in looking back at what stories could have been told. Best to always look ahead!

So, I have returned with a challenge.

Yesterday it was exactly four weeks until the Ironman Asia Pacific Championships in Melbourne. Yes, we are returning! We have come full circle and are returning to where my Ironman clocked his bike PB and nabbed a Hawaii spot - and I just love visiting Melbourne!

Today,  I begin my Ironman swimming, biking or running involved. 

The challenge to myself is to post on this blog every day for the next four weeks, finishing up with a Melbourne Ironman report the day after the race - March 25.

My topic for every post will be Ironman triathlon - with a focus on the upcoming Melbourne race. It might be a long post or a short one, it may be an image, video, quote or links but come back every day (or subscribe) and I will be talking all things IRONMAN !

Would love your input, ideas and feedback too.

Will be back tomorrow (actually later today since I have taken so long to write this!) with post #1.

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