Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ironman Daddy

Today was Father's Day - hope all you dads enjoyed your day!

I find Father's Day, Birthdays , Valentines Day and Xmas all pretty tricky when it comes to presents for my IM - or in fact any of the males in my family apart from the little ones :-)

So what did IM receive today?

Well, I must admit that most gifts tend to relate to training or triathlon but I do try to think outside the square, as they say, but I had to laugh today as he tried to guess what a certain package was, that the comment was "Well it has to be related to triathlon" -  am I allowed to say 'one track mind'?!

Well, it wasn't related to triathlon because really what could I get that he hasn't already bought for himself?! In saying that, I was pretty pleased with my online order of a drink bottle saying "Ironman Daddy" from Aussie website Wipsnapa (although it was not as big as I hoped and is metal rather than the usual plastic but am sure it will be used with pride by dad).

However, the big present was actually bought over a month ago because it was really needed and couldn't wait - and in fact I have to admit it is one of the most used gadgets in our house at the moment!

It was a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch - and don't we love it! Could rave about this watch but will leave that to another post, so will just say it was great purchase for daddy (and mummy) and we were very happy with the good price and fast delivery from Ryda!

Of course, Father's Day began with a training session finishing at our favourite cafe for a relaxed breakfast and then a training free afternoon including pizza and beer for dinner - even an IM daddy needs a splurge day!

So in signing out on Father's Day, I think I should reflect on all the IM daddy's out there.

I see my IM as such an inspiration to our kids. We teach our kids about life and living by being a role model. We all juggle busy lives and there may be some days that we can dedicate less time than others to our kids, but what we show them is how to balance our lives with what has to be done and what we want to do.

Set goals, believe in yourself, do your best, stay fit and healthy, set yourself challenges and follow your dreams are some of the things we like to say to our kids - and what better way to illustrate this than competing in Ironman.

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