Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Race Kit

It's been a a much discussed topic for quite a while - what to wear during the race?

Now obviously the most important factor for the competitor is comfort (and look good) and for me as a supporter I try and put a request in for something that stands out so I can easily spot amongst the crowd!

Today we hit a milestone on our road to Kona...the race kit has been chosen!

Another outfit had been chosen which has been worn before and does look great - but black is not supporter friendly so I was trying to get a bit of colour thrown in. Then, along came a new friend of ours who has plenty of Hawaii IM advice now that he is heading there for the 6th time and he also has friends at Cannibal.

So here it is!

IM and wife are happy - it's comfortable and stands out and looks good - thanks Cannibal!

It reminds me of an Hawaiian Tribal Warrior - might get a few comments on race day :-)

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