Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Connected Community

Just had to make a quick observation...what an amazing world we now live in!

Combine emails, texting, Facebook, blogging and Twitter (as much as I can cope with for now) and in the final days leading up to Hawaii Ironman I feel like I have already arrived in Kona.

Once you are connected to the community you are involved in, the word spreads fast. Photos, observations, thoughts, ideas, training plans, travel plans....I could go on. This increased knowledge focussing on one event builds the excitement. We don't leave for another week yet everyday involves Ironman talk.

To top it off, we are on a run this morning when we hear out of car window "Imagine you are on Ali'i Drive" - who needs to travel to Kona? The race has come to us!

 I almost can't imagine how I will feel when the plane lands and we are living the dream :-)

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