Saturday, March 9, 2013

IRONMAN CHALLENGE DAY 10/11: Essentials B4 you leave

Now we are entering the final two weeks before Ironman Melbourne - the lists need to be made. 

Here's a simple check list of mine for this week to make sure bookings are in place and we don't miss out.  Hope its a good little reminder for you too!

  • Flights and extra baggage
  • Accommodation 
  • Transport to accommodation and back and/or car hire
  • Bus tickets for travel to and from Frankston
  • Bike transport for Ironman's bike to check in
  • Bike hire (in St Kilda)
  • Welcome and Awards dinner tickets (for partners/family/friends)

Did I forget anything?

Packing lists is a whole other ball game - will leave another post for that one!

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