Thursday, March 7, 2013


Are you travelling to Ironman Melbourne from another state or country? Are you taking family and friends? Are you planning a holiday around the race?

My post title is A Balancing Act. Why? Because thats how I see it when organising yourself to travel to a race destination.

Travelling to a location for an Ironman event requires balancing a number of things:

1. Get to destination with all equipment required.
2. Manage your week so the triathlete rests up and is prepared for race day.
3. Settle and sort so that you know where to get the right food and other essentials for race day.
4. Make time to register, walk around expo and attend events that happen pre and post race.
5. Organise yourself for race day as a supporter (and of course triathlete enters The Zone  - as I call it)
6. Be prepared for post-race recovery and celebrations.

To add to this, is the balance between the above race related activities and enjoying your new surrounds, being with family and relaxing.

Travelling for a triathlon is not a holiday.

Lets be truthful here. You have probably taken time off work and spent lots of money on air travel and accommodation (as well as triathlon related expenses) and getting away from routine is a nice break but it isn't a true holiday in the sense that there are no plans, no commitments and lots of time to lie around and do nothing!

You are travelling for an experience which will certainly be memorable but you will probably need a holiday after it!

So the point of this blog is to say, try and get the balance right.

Yes you need to be prepared for a big race like Ironman. There are certain things that have to be done. BUT make sure you allocate some rest time. Wander around the local area, visit a cafe or restaurant with the family, play with the kids, give your spouse some time to do what interests them, and try not to talk triathlon 24/7.

Taking this balanced approach will keep the family happier and help to make your trip away feel a bit more like a holiday for all.

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