Sunday, March 3, 2013

IRONMAN CHALLENGE DAY 5 & 6 - Taking a Break

So I have lapsed already. I am feeling guilty. Yesterdays post didn't happen.

I did attempt to write at 10pm after a day long conference which zapped my brain. However, I rolled into bed no post, feeling unwell and guilty that I had decided to not get up early this morning and compete in a triathlon I had signed up for. On the flip side however, I have woken up with a post ready to roll, guilt subsided and I'm still in bed at 9.30am :-)

I want to talk about TAKING A BREAK.

I am a very happy Ironman wife this morning because for the first time in a long time I had a kid free sunday morning with my Ironman.

No 5am alarm clock, no waking up in an empty bed, no kids arguing.

I got cuddles. I got to sit with my husband over a leisurely breakfast reading the papers and discussing things we just haven't time to think through. We hopped back into bed amazed at how good it felt to laze around. We looked out our bedroom doors at the overcast windy weather and felt no regrets for deciding to say 'no' to our usual routine and just take a break.

So when did you last do this?

Ironman training requires dedication and consistency. It means following a training plan that lasts months. Six weeks before, there are crazy weekend sessions of long rides on the bike, maybe in wind and rain, then a run or a swim. Back at home after devouring all that is in the fridge, you collapse for the rest of the day. Kids may run around the house needing to release their pent up energy but you are just spent.

I am OK with this as an Ironman wife. It  has been our lives for so long that I understand how it works. We fit in with the routine knowing that it's just those key weeks prior to race day.

We are now in  the last couple of weeks before Ironman Melbourne. This is tapering time. The body needs to rest. There is still some training and there are race and travel plans to think through but this is also the time that you are allowed to say 'no' just for one day!

I am now hearing the wind trainer next door, however I know my Ironman has had a great sleep and he has happy wife who is still lazing around and readying herself to refocus and start planning for the pre-race build up.

It is OK to give the body and the mind a break even if it's just briefly. Don't feel guilty. Know that at this point, the body is ready but it's also close to burnout.  You need to listen to what it's saying to you.

Get enough sleep, have a massage, stretch, eat well, take time to look at the big picture and appreciate where you are at. You need to focus on having everything in balance so you are ready for the best race of your life.

Take  a break from routine - I promise you won't regret it!

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