Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ironman Melbourne has arrived!

Now this must make everyone involved in Ironman Melbourne nervous! I am nervous and I'm not racing.

As I write, I am watching the coloured net bags being packed, final checks on nutrition, supplies and equipment.

Last night as I talked to fellow Ironman wives I felt overwhelmed by the discussions on how we get from T1 to T2 and the finish line - it's not an easy task being a supporter either!

So this post is short and sweet since there are many things to sort through today. You may enjoy my post The Day Before which I wrote before the Hawaii Ironman last year. There is a lot to organise and think through!

I wrote a post on my TriCrew last night.

For a some supporter tips for the day see here. Make a plan, tell your athlete and on the day things may  happen but you can only do your best - they know you are there supporting whether they see you or not.

IronmanLive and the IronTrac app will help you track your athletes but one tip from experience, all the trackers may melt down and you will have to reply on your trusty watch, your instinct and other supporters!!

To follow us on our race day experience, join me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you are here in Melbourne, I wish you all the best as an athlete and supporter. I hope you have an amazing day with special memories, goals achieved and challenges met.

See you out on the course!

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