Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ironman Melbourne: 5 Sleeps - Making a List & Checking it Twice

Packed yet? Are you organised or not so? Do you pack last minute or make a list and check it twice (or three times) ?

I have to admit that Ironman is looking more organised than me this time around - maybe because I'm thinking it's only Melbourne and I only have one child in tow...

However, I need to remind myself I ended up buying warm clothes last time so maybe I need to be bit more prepared (I should really be packing not writing) - then again Melbourne is the shopping capital!

But, it's not about me... and the most important luggage is the bike and the kit of course!

To help you in your packing endeavours, here are a few tips to avoid suitcase and travel disasters when travelling by plane to a Triathlon:

  • Don't pack C02 cartridges (and don't forget to buy at other end!)
  • Make sure you double seal the electrolyte powder (pretty sticky stuff if it leaks!) Ditto with gels. I use snap lock bags then plastic Decor container to double seal.
  • Lots of plastic shopping bags are useful to pack dirty shoes and smelly lycra
  • Don't pack too many t-shirts - you usually add 2-3 new Tri ones to your collection each race.
  • Use a Decor  container to store all the little stuff like bike tools and salt containers.
  • Take race kit for all weather conditions.
  • Pack the expensive stuff like watch, SRM and iPod in your carry on.
  • Take wet weather gear for supporters - and a good back pack (you will be walking far)
  • Don't forget the camera, charger and connector cords. Video camera?
  • Triathlon ID required for check in
All I can think of for  now. Very useful that we are heading to Melbourne since you can get most things there if you forget :-)

Any more tips you can add?

For some more packing and travel tips - check our PJ's suggestions here.

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