Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ironman Melbourne: 8 days to go - a family affair

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post on my Tricrew website titled "Thoughts from an Ironman Wife".

This week I came across it again and I also discovered a post I had forgotten about on Beyond Transition website which quoted my blog post and was titled the same as my t-shirt (which some of you may have seen me wear) - Behind Every Ironman is a Woman of Steel.

These past posts inspired me today to talk about families.

Denis Oakley on Beyond Transition noted:
 an Ironman journey is made by a family, not just the Ironman.
My t-shirt came about as a statement and reminder to all those at Ironman events to not forget the role partners play on the Ironman journey. We support at home in many ways, and it is our support that helps the triathlete to focus on what is required in order to get to the starting line.

Now, as the Ironman journey comes to an end for those racing in Melbourne next weekend, it is a time to  not only celebrate your achievements and reflect on the journey, but also to show your thanks to everyone who helped you along the way - especially your family.

Next Sunday afternoon when you finally cross that finish line, despite the exhaustion, please don't forget to high five the kids, thank all your supporters (even the strangers who cheer you out on the course) and plant a nice sweaty kiss on your partners cheek.

We are all very proud :-)

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