Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ironman Melbourne - 10 Days to go...

So I just screen shot this - are the nerves setting in? Excitement? Apprehension? Sense of urgency?

Here's another one...

This is the day we arrive - as many from interstate and overseas will. We have all been watching the weather forecasts and hearing about the longest sequence of 30 plus days Melbourne has experienced  ever! So what will happen next weekend?

We have been remembering last years weather. It was so cold that I had to buy a jacket and scarf. I just didn't expect it. Peter froze in the swim on the day and didn't have warm gear for the bike. By the time he hit the run, it started to heat up but really conditions were such (and we were lucky) that it ended up being a fast race as not too hot and little wind.

Peter's feelings on next weekend - 1% chance the conditions will be as good as they were last year. 

In the couple of days we were at St Kilda pre-race last year it was so windy with waves hitting the bay that they cancelled the swim practice and it looked like if conditions remained there would be no swim - and a very tough run into the headwind.

This year,  if its really hot and there is a northerly blowing the Melbourne Ironman course will go from being one of the fastest Ironman courses to one of the slowest.

Be prepared!

For competitors take gear for all conditions. It could be cold and rainy or hot and sunny so take wet weather kit, warm kit  - take it all. At least it seems the water will be barmy compared to last year.

For supporters - same goes. It's long day out there and quite a way to travel between start and finish, so will be no fun at all on a wet, windy or very hot day  - especially with kids! (more about spectating on the course another day).

So start the packing list and lets do a little weather dance :-)

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